Subscribing to the iHub and Channels

As many of you probably know by now, the council has decided to change method of communication. The email system we have been using will be retired very soon. All new communications will take place on Circle Ten’s iHub system. We have a new landing page on the iHub, the link to it is, or you can still use it will redirect you to that page (maybe eventually).

The “Find Help for a Unit Shooting Event” will also change. If you wish to continue to participate in this you will need to sign up on the appropriate channel(s) on the iHub. There is a seperate channel for each possible rating  (RSO, Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol, Archery/BB Gun, Muzzleloading) that you may have and are willing to help with. Going forward we will be posting updates on the proper channel for help requests we get. In order for you to receive them you will need to subscribe to the channels you want to see help requests for. 

To do this you will need to setup an account on the iHub. Once this is done and you are signed on, at the top left is the “Hamburger” menu (three vertical lines with the middle line thicker). At the bottom of the new window is a Section called “My Starred Channels” under that is a line “+ Explore Channels. Click that line. The main windo will now show some of the Channels available in the system. At the top in small type behind the Christmas light is another menu “Expand All”. Click that, now the main window will have a lot more channels on it. 

In the first expanded section “Council & DIstrict News”  the second subcatagory in Team Channels (you can collapse the first “Districts” Subchannels category by click the down and left arrow button) is “Shooting Sports”. It will look like this

On your Screen where is says Member in the graphic it will say Join, click Join. It will them look similar to this:

The difference is the the star at the top right will be white instead of black as in the graphic. Clicking the “Star” will make this one of your “Starred Channels” (which will make easier to find later. At the top left is a back arrow you can click that to get you back to the channel list again. However it will be collapsed again, you will have to click “Expand All” again to get back to the list of Shooting Sports channels. For each “channel you want to help out with and receive notifications of help request when we get them you will have to become a member of that channel. 

Once you are member of iHub and channels you can set how you want to receive notifications. From the “Hamburger” menu click on “My Information” then “Account”. On this page at the top in the Christmas lights is a Notification button which will bring up this screen 

The first option allows you to get a digest of iHub updates the options are Daily, Weekly or Never. If you select Daily, you’ll get one notification a day (in the morning of every channel you are a member of that was updated the previous day), Weekly will send you the notifications one a week (not sure what day). And then you can pick how you get the notification, either via mobile, on your desktop computer, or by email. You can see I have it set to a daily email of all the changes made to the channels I’m a member of. If nothing changes on any of the channels I don’t get a email, but if something does I just get one the next day no matter how many updates occurred yesterday. That email may contain multiple updates in.

With the new help system I will post unit/district/council help requests with  contact information for the person(s) who requested the help. As before you will need to contact that person(s) to let them know you are coming, and then if their plans change they can let you know. 

As you take new classes and gain new certfications, you will have to join the proper channel to start receiving notifications of help requests. We are no longer able to add this information into your record so that it happened automatically. It requires the user to do this. 

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