Shooting Sports Merit Badge Completion Day

Circle 10 Shooting Sports is holding a Shooting Merit badge completion class. The purpose of this class is to help the Scouts get those last few incomplete requirements that have been hanging around on the Shooting Sports merit badge completed. We will have merit badge counselors and shooting instructors available during the event to sign of on open requirements and help the Scouts with their shooting for score requirement.

Scouts and Staff need to register for this event via the council event registration system..

It may be possible to complete more than one during the day, it will depend on how many people show up and the number of instructors we have to work the program. The Scouts should come prepared to fulfill any remaining requirements, we will not be teaching the requirements, research and answers should be prepared prior to the event for those outstanding requirements. Discussion will be possible, but don’t expect to be taught the answers at the event. The purpose of the event is to help those Scouts who don’t have access to a Shooting Merit badge counselor to sign off on the requirements, or more likely don’t have access to a range to complete the scoring requirement. 

Transportation to the range will not be provided, Scouts must find a way to get their by themselves, parents, friends, etc. . You MUST register to attend, do NOT just show up. You must bring a Blue Card signed by your Scoutmaster to the event. It does not have to be filled out with the already completed requirements, but that wouldn’t hurt. We will mark down those requirements you complete at the event, final determination of the completion of the merit badge will have to be done back at your unit, unless you do bring blue card with the completed requirements on it.

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