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This Website will go away at the end of 2019, all the content will be move to the Shooting Sports Channels on the iHub This is in process, only one channel exists currently. More information on the new channels will be sent to the group when they are up and running and how to subscribe to them for getting updates. Expect this sometime early December. 

Welcome to the Circle Ten Shooting Sports information webpage.  We offer NRA, USA Archery, and BSA Certification classes.

  • NRA certifications are used in Scouting BSA, Venturing, Sea Scouting, Exploring events where firearms are used (Rifles, Shotguns, Pistol, etc). Leaders with NRA Rifle Instructor can teach and certify other Scout leaders for the BSA BB Gun RangeMaster certification.
  • USA Archery certifications are used in Scouting BSA, Venturing, Sea Scouting, Exploring related Archery events. Leaders with USA Archery Level I can teach and certify other Scout leaders for the BSA Archery RangeMaster certification.
  • BSA certifications are used in Cub Scouting BB Gun or Archery events (leaders with NRA or USA Archery certifications can also run these events. A leader with BSA Archery RangeMaster certification can open and run a range at Scouts BSA event, but can not be a Archery Merit badge counselor.

For a detailed description of what certifications are needed by type of event and program (Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturing, etc), check out the What Do I Need page.

To register for any of our classes you register using Circle Ten’s new event registration systems (Black Pug). Click here and look for our classes, You can filter on training and council (as the district).

The amount of certified people needed for an event depends on the type of shooting sport event. The BSA National Shooting Sport manual (2015 Printing) list the requirements for each type of event and how many certified people are needed for that event. Here is the link for the latest Shooting Sport Manual Update. For more information on BSA’s policies on Shooting Sports check out the BSA Shooting Sports FAQ page. If any of the links in this section don’t work, it’s because the National BSA office has moved files around. We cull their site for these links and don’t always know when links change, lets us know and we can fix them.

Click here for the main BSA shooting sports webpage. Another good BSA manual to have for shooting sports is the BSA Guide to Safe Scouting. Link for the new Multi-Gun Airsoft Manual. There are a number of other shooting sports manuals on the main BSA shooting sports webpage linked above also.

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